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"Don't be pushed by your problem. 

Be led by your dreams."

Ralph Waldo Emerson

SLO County Family Business Solutions

Individuals and families that own businesses can benefit greatly from the assistance of a psychologist BEFORE legal proceedings threaten the family business and relationship stability.

HR & Associates

Organizational Assessments & Team Building
Inter- & Intra-Departmental Assessments
City Management Evaluations
Performance Coaching & Management
Relationship/Collaboration Optimization
Strategic Planning
Process Improvement

Clinical Psychology

The roll of a psychologist's work is to understand and improve the functioning of human beings at home, at school, at work, at play, in their spiritual pursuits, and society in general. Psychologists are involved in every aspect of human thought, feeling, and behavior. 

Psychological Evaluations

Dr. Moore use these to determine career talent and placement for employment. These scales also help to identify learning disabilities, motivational issues, cognitive problems, memory impairment, personality problems, adjustment problems, major psychological issues, and many other factors.

Life Coaching

Life coaching covers a wide variety of niches, from well-being and self-confidence to spirituality, parenting, organizational skills, relationships and career development.  Sessions can be scheduled for one on one, by phone, or Skype. 

Partners for Nutrition & National Permanent Prescription Drug Detox

Partners for Nutrition and National Permanent Prescription Drug Detox is a non-profit organization that is focused on looking at the link between nutrition and the development and maintenance of mental disorders.

Our focus is to help those on prescription drugs find a way to withdrawal from them and continue their symptom control through diet and other natural alternatives.

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