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Doing Business “Like Family”

How businesses are like families.

Businesses and families both do best when their members share a very similar set of values. Honoring and respecting the same set of values allows these groups to maintain a good understanding of one another and to maintain a healthy culture. Where families are in business together, those that tend to best and reach their goals, tend to share a sense of what success looks like. In my practice, I coach many families in business on how to get their priorities and efforts aligned to climb to the top in their chosen industry. They also tend to share a specific order of priorities in which to place their energies. In my professional experience, I have seen a great many families in business succeed by truly respecting one another contributions to the family business and by making sure that their contributions are equal if not better than their counterparts. Although this sounds easy, there are many unique challenges that family businesses face; due to the complexity of relationships and the dynamism of roles and positions.

According to the U.S. Bureau of the Census, about 90 percent of American businesses are family-owned or controlled. Ranging in size from two-person partnerships to Fortune 500 firms, these businesses account for half of the nation's employment and half of her Gross National Product. Those families that have risen to the top have not done it alone. Most have hired professionals to help them make the best decisions for their employees, and even if they are no longer family owned, they are seeking knowledge about how to properly hire employees with shared values or teach them to share values in order to create the necessary cohesive teamwork it takes to be the best in their field.

Dr. Halley Moore has extensive experience working with small and large family-owned businesses that needed to understand why their family of employees may or may not have been acting like a family, and what they could do to change that, and fast! Dr. Moore helps companies get their priorities in order and is unique in that, if necessary, she will physically go to a company’s home-base to understand the dynamics, meet with employees and family members, and even help implement systems that make companies thrive!

Dr. Moore’s organizational assessments are critical when companies are not becoming their best and need some guidance to reach their goals. Dr. Moore does not drag things out, but rather, tackles issues head-on and makes the required progress quick! You’ll feel better and begin seeing improvement in your life and your family business immediately, guaranteed!

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