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It is a non-profit organization that is verifying the link between nutrition and the development and maintenance of mental disorders. We are also committed to preventing the over-prescribing of prescription drugs for mental disorders and looking at more natural ways to control symptoms. We take a holistic approach to treatment and aspire to heal the mind and body not just by the medicinal therapies but also using the carefully-designed and individualized blend of counseling and alternative therapies. Our focus is to help those on prescription drugs find a way to withdrawal from them and continue their symptom control through diet and other natural alternatives.

Americans are finding themselves at a crossroads with their love-hate relationship with prescription drugs.  It turns out Americans take more pills today than at any other time in recent history and far more than any other country.  Living in a fast-paced world has turned people towards prescription drugs instead of diet, exercise, and counseling.  Mainly because pills seem to be an easy fix; however, some of these can cause more issues than what you started with.

The Partners for Nutrition & National Permanent Prescription Drug Detox are taking this epidemic seriously!  We have partnered with other professionals in our community to help those who are ready to take their lives back.

No matter what your financial situation, we will find a way to make it work.  Whether, it be a sliding scale, or using your insurance.
If you are someone ready to exchange prescription drugs for a healthy lifestyle, then we are prepared to help you!


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