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"The only person you are destined to become is

the person you decide to be."

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Life coaching covers a wide variety of niches, from well-being and self-confidence to spirituality, parenting, organizational skills, relationships and career development.

Life coaches help people set and/or achieve goals through a variety of methods that often involve tools and exercises.

Life Coaching is for anyone

  • Executives pursuing their best selves.

  • Small Business owner looking to find balance between work and family.

  • Empty-Nester wanting to make a career change but not sure which direction to choose.

  • Relationship direction and focus on how to attract your best life partner.

  • Doctoral candidate looking for the perfect thesis.

  • Entrepreneur with a brilliant idea for a product or service.

  • Life transitions and new ventures.

Here's what Life Coaching offers you

  • Life Coaches help you discover what's really most important to you in your life.

  • They will help you design a plan to achieve those goals.

  • They will work with you to help eliminate any obstacles or blocks that stand in your way.

  • They will partner with you all the way to success.

  • They will connect you to other services that will meet your needs if necessary.

Sessions can be scheduled for one on one, by phone, Zoom, or Skype. 



Halley M. Moore, Ph.D.

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