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"The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind."

William James (1842-1910)


The roll of a psychologist's work is to understand and improve the functioning of human beings at home, at school, at work, at play, in their spiritual pursuits, and society in general. Psychologists are involved in every aspect of human thought, feeling, and behavior. Dr. Moore attacks problems head-on, and her approach is "no-nonsense." Which has allowed her many clients and patients to reach success and resolve their issues at the core of the problem, rather than to drag consultation, therapy, or testing out for years. Dr. Moore has seen many situations in her practice. Her diverse background incorporating legal, real estate, and business knowledge and experience into her practice has allowed her to consult at a very high level with individuals with very high stakes. Dr. Moore knows how to help a person change their thought process, even though a person has felt "stuck" for many years and has lost all hope in changing.

Clinical Psychologists Provide:

  • Consultation for individuals and families in various environments. Psychologists can consult to provide guidance so that a situation that may be very costly to a particular group can be mitigated and improved

  • Diagnostic assessment or “testing” services. Using interviews, questionnaires, and measurement tools, they chart an individual’s skills, personality features, emotional status, or problems they may be having in adjusting to life. These measurements are often essential for clarifying a diagnosis, guiding a person's career path, clarifying a person's strengths and challenges, and getting to the root of the issues.

  • “Psycho-educational” testing. With the use of IQ tests and tests of academic strengths and challenges. Sometimes they are used to identify “gifted” students, and are often used to identify specific learning disorders.

  • Individual and family therapy for people who have life adjustment problems, emotional disorders or mental illness.

  • Recommendations and referrals. A psychologist will never practice outside of their scope and will work with other trusted providers of all types to help clients reach their goals in life and in work

List of Concerns:

  • Individual and Family Business Problems

  • Employment Problems and Career Development

  • Family/Parent-Adolescent Conflicts

  • Eating Issues/Infertility/Female Issues

  • Addictive and Self-defeating Behavior

  • Patterns/Self-destructive Habits 

  • Depression and Various Forms of Anxiety

  • Anger/Underlying Powerlessness

  • Helplessness, Hopelessness, Worthlessness

  • Social Anxiety, Fears/Phobias, Panic, Agoraphobia

  • Trauma Co-dependence/Lack of Assertiveness

  • Self-confidence Issues

  • Deepening Spirituality

  • Unsatisfactory Performance (work, tests, sports,  sex, etc.)

  • Difficult Life Changes

  • Grief, Loss, Death



Halley M. Moore, Ph.D.

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